HERBA HILL - Family Farm Tamási

Our Transdanubian family farm's history has begun over 20 years ago and we have been primarily focusing on fruit cultivation since 1998. Our Infatuation for lavender piqued a few years ago during an excursion to a nearby lavender farm. Following the trip, we started studying of the benefits of lavender and other herbs and this later inspired us to widen the farm's profile and enter herbal cultivation.

We planted the first lavender stems in collaboration with our partner, Herbseed Kft. in 2017. The location of our lavender farm is special (only 20 km from Lake Balaton): our visitors often compare the beauty of the landscape to Toscana’s. This was also the location of one of the first lavender farms in Hungary beforehand. Its past distiller (located in Daránypuszta) produced excellent lavender oil for export even back then using the surrounding 200 hectares lavender plantation.
Combined with our partner Herbseed Kft, we have a 30-hectare production area of Lavandula angustifolia.  We are currently working on expanding it by 15 hectares.

For the harvest of the lavender, we use a modern high-capacity harvesting machine to ensure fast and efficient harvesting at the optimal time, so that our distilled lavender oil corresponds to the highest quality.
In order to meet the specific needs and requirements of some products – like in the case of therapeutic grade and premium essential oils – we still keep harvesting by hand, too.
The production takes place in a bio-qualified distiller using steam distillation and it gets tested in accredited laboratories in Hungary and abroad. The tested products meet the standard of Pharmacopoeia and are available for both retail and wholesale quantity.

For our family farm, it has been essential to decrease the usage of chemicals and to take measures to be as eco-friendly as possible. We naturally expanded this principle to our herbal cultivation too ever since we started it. We don’t use any chemicals nor fertilizers for our lavender cultivation. The nutrition replenishment is provided by bio-qualified organic nutrients. Our goals are to qualify for Demeter certification and to widen our profile by planting other herbals.